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Hello, I am Lucas

I am what you might call a “risk hater”.

In my opinion, to succeed in algorithmic trading, the number one goal is to preserve your capital. It is only afterwards that we will look for the growth of the capital. This is the only way to stay on the long-term and to not squander your capital like more than 80% or even 90% of traders.

I am an independent quantitative trader, and has been passionate about trading for over 5 years. I’ve had the chance to help over 66,310 people develop their algorithmic trading skills through my courses and my book. More recently, I co-founded BullTrading, an application that allows individuals to create and sell trading robots without coding.

Now I want to develop a community of enthusiasts who want to take their algorithmic trading to the next level or beginners who want to be supported in their learning.

(But I will detail this point in a moment)

I am doing what I am teaching ...

(When we combine these 2 results, in less than 6 months, I achieved +23% (46% annualized return), with a max drawdown of 6%)

+ 9.7% Since I create my portfolio of trading strategies on BullTrading 2 months ago​ !

+ 13.7% in a few months when I proposed my strategies in copy trading before Binance stopped trading futures.

For whom is our course made?

✅You want to learn Python for financeand algorithmic trading but you do not where to begin?

Are you lost in the “Python for finance” courses jungle? You do not know where to begin? You think you are not good enough?

You started to learn with some YouTube tutorials but you've quickly seen that you were losing your time?

Tutorial after tutorial you do not see any improvement in your skills? You want well-structured resources that take your trading to the next level?

You have understood that learning and practicing algorithmic trading alone is boring and non-efficient ?

Waste of time, stay in your ideas bubbles, learn less efficiently… These are only some examples of the consequences of learning this bundling of skills alone.

✅Are you struggling to think and act like a real quant trader to succeed some proprietary trading tests?

You do not know how to create robust trading strategies or how to combine them? You have some knowledge but you do not know how to apply them?

You are an intermediate trading who wants to go deeper into this amazing subject without wasting time?

Do you want to dive deeper into this amazing field but you do not have time to do research, think about implement them or to test them?

✅You are an algorithmic / quant trader and you want to integrate a community to learn more advanced technic?

You want to look for advanced algorithmic trading technic but you are struggling to find relevant resources?

What is the Alpha Quant program ?

The Alpha Quant program first goal is to create an environment in which you can learn and practice algorithmic trading easily. We offer quality courses, ongoing support and a dynamic community to develop your algorithmic trading skills and achieve your financial goals. Let’s dive more in ! ⬇️

📚 Courses included: In our program, you will find several trading courses: Master Algorithmic MetaTrader 5, “WalkForwardoptimization: a Magic tool?” and “The Algorithmic trading bible: from beginner to algorithmic trader“. These 3 courses have been restructured to create the Alpha Quant program. After these courses, you will master the whole process to create a trading strategy and put it in live trading.

🔹1. Introduction

(Set up of your environment and Running your first bot)

🔹2. MetaTrader 5 - part 1

(Connect Python to MT5, extract ticks and candles data from your broker)

🔹3. Trading Strategy Building

(Learn how to create a trading strategy properly. Spoiler alert: it is not what you think!)

🔹4. Based-event Backtest

(coding and explanation of a backseat class, easy to use thanks to our template!)

🔹5. Walk-Forward Optimization

(Having a profitable strategy is good, but having an optimized one is better... Learn how to optimize a strategy without overfitting it! Use it easily in your own project thanks to our easy-to-use template)

🔹6. Robustness testing NEW

(Based on the Marco Lopez De Prado's Research, we have developed a template easy to use in your project, that walk forward optimization doesn't detect. So, be sure to use it before putting a strategy in live trading !)

🔹7. MetaTrader5 - Part 2

(At this step, we have an easy-to-use trading strategy, so, we will learn how to put your trading strategy in live trading thanks to python)

🔹8. Financial Machine Learning

(A Machine Learning model is not a trading strategy... Learn how to use a machine learning model CORRECTLY to create a trading strategy)

🔹9. Bonus: 5 trading strategies

(explained and created very easily in live thanks to our templates)

🛠️ Real trading strategies: Don’t forget the goal, your first goal is to create a profitable system. To achieve this goal, we will see new tools, methods and trading strategies examples to open your mind to the different possibilities showing you many examples. You will find more than 7 strategies (based on technical indicators or machine learning) ready-to-use explained in detail with an only access for community members.

🔹1. LI_2023_02_RsiSma

Start slowly... To explain all our templates, we will use a simple trading strategy based on the Rsi and SMAs.

🔹2. LI_2023_02_LogReg

Jump into Financial Machine Learning thanks to this trading strategy based on a logistic regression (all the processes and the model are detailed into the course, no worries...

🔹3. LI_2023_02 RsiSmaAtr

Use technical indicators to create amazing trading strategies is good. Do it with dynamic take profits and stop losses according to the market volatility is better...

🔹4. LI_2023_02_StoRsiAtr

Use the power of the stochastic RSI and the ATR to find entries and exits according to market volatility...

🔹5. LI_2023_02_Ichimoku

For those of you who loves technical analysis, we have a special strategy for you using the Ichimoku indicator.

🔹6. LI_203_02_LinSvcQuantile

Let's go back into Machine Learning for finance! We will increase the complexity of our analysis combining statistics with our Support Vecteur Machine Classifier (SVC)

🔹7. LI_2023_02_TreePcaQuantile THE MOST PROFITABLE

We use a Decision Tree Classifier combined with more than 15 features and 2 other machine learning models to give you a example about complex trading strategies based on machine learning and how to manage them!

🎯 Code templates: Create your trading infrastructure is mandatory, but it is difficult to do it without any errors the first time and it is really time consuming. To fix this issue, you will have some code templates after each chapter to use in your trading strategies.

🔹1. Data Preprocessing

Use only the OHLCV data is not enough... We need to do some features engineering (transform our raw data into more understandable features for our strategies). We have several templates that will help you with that!

🔹2. Strategy Building

To use all the template, you need to follow a specific structure for the strategy building... That's why, we share to your 7 templates of strategy building!

🔹3. Backtest

Use our Backtest template to have an overview of your strategy performance in less than 10 seconds !

🔹4. Walk-Forward Optimization

The Walk Forward optimization is a reference to optimize trading strategy parameters, it is mandatory to have the possibility to use it quickly to save a LOT of time...

🔹5. Robustness testing

The Backtest and the Walk-Forward optimization template don't give us any information about the overfitting (how much the performance will be degraded in live trading compared to the backtest)... Robustness tests do!

🔹6. Live Trading

Once you have some ready to use trading strategies, we are not here to waste time on the production... Use our template customizable for any strategy!

👌 Help assistance: Learning algorithmic trading can be really difficult, you can struggle to find ideas, fix a coding issue, or you don’t understand well a statistical concept. To fix that, I will be here (or the other community member) to answer your questions and help you to do not waste your time.

👥 Access to the community: The community is based on a Discord forum. It means that above all the different services (courses, templates, projects), you can find other people to work with, on the community to start a project more easily or grow up together.

I do not ask you to trust me but trust them...

(They were in your shoes, some time ago)

Join the Program!

Be a member of our amazing community (limited seats)

✅ Master Algorithmic MetaTrader5 (course)

✅ Walk forward optimization: The magic tool? (course)

✅ The Algorithmic trading bible: from beginner to algorithmic trader (course)

✅ 7 Real trading strategies (trading strategies)

✅Walk Forward optimization (template)

✅Robustness testing NEW (template)

✅Automation on MetaTrader 5 (template)

✅The whole trading strategy process (template)

Access to the Private community

Help for questions or problems related to the program

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Alpha Quant program TOTAL VALUE: 1115$

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to join it NOW?

Price increased of 200$ after the 50th student. After the 100th students, the price will go up too. After 200 students, the price will go up again to reduce the number of students. Therefore I will have more time to answer your questions. Moreover, when I will add new features, you will have access to them for free but the price will go up for non-enroll people. The goal is not to have a 10.000 students community. Few hundreds is clearly enough to make amazing things TOGETHER!

What I will be able to do after this program?

After this program, you will be able to create your own trading strategyfrom scratch using technical indicators or Machine Learning trading strategies. You will be able to evaluate them properly and put them in live trading.

In a nutshell, you will be 100% capable of putting you trading strategy in live trading autonomously!

Why do we limit the number of participants?

We limit seating for a superior experience. Each member benefits from interactions with our team of experienced traders and full access to courses, projects and sample trading strategies. This is to ensure that each member has optimal access to the tools and resources of the community to improve their algorithmic trading skills quickly and efficiently.

Are there some prerequisites?

No! The only requirement is a computer and a lot of motivation. Then, the more knowledge you have in trading or programming the easier it is.

What are the advantages of Alpha Quant program?

The goal is to create a TEAM and growth together to maximize our edge on the market !

Code templates for easy creation of trading strategies, Member support

Put trading robots into production easily... In a few months, we will also add weekly project to be sure that we continuously increase our knowledge.

How much time does it take to be good at it?

I’m not here to sell you dreams! It takes months to create your first trading bot and put it in live trading. However, using our templates you can do it much sooner depending on the time you invest. Some students have their first bot in one week, but the average time is closer than 2 weeks – 1 month if you use our templates.

Generate passive income through QUANTITATIVE Trading !

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